PujolsMiami Marlins:


The Marlins have contacted Pujols about becoming there 1st baseman. If the Marlins get him then they might the favorite to win the NL East. If they can get Pujols and Jose Reyes then they will definitely be my choice to win the NL East and maybe even the World Series.


The Marlins have had a good pitching rotation but with Josh Johnson becoming the next ace in Miami, they might be the 2nd or 3rd best pitching crew in the National League. The Marlins have not had a home run hitter, really since they were founded. The Marlins have not been to the World Series since 2003 when they beat the New York Yankees. The Marlins would have to release a lot of people if they even want to think about signing both those guys. First person I think you release or trade is Hanley Ramirez. One of the upsides to the Marlins getting these guys is that it might bring in some fans. I mean its sad when you have a stadium that holds 100,000 people and you only have 5,000 show up.


Baltimore Orioles:


The Orioles need Pujols. If they could get him then they might actually compete with the Yankees and Rays. The Orioles are a good, young team. If the Orioles get Pujols and they can put together some pitching then they could be a good team, but until they get some starting pitching then they won’t be able to do anything. The Orioles are a long shot to get Pujols this off season but they could get him if they can maybe sign another star free agent.


Chicago Cubs:


The Cubs are the team that I think will sign Pujols. The Cubs have everything he needs. A great president in Theo Epstein, a great team, and a team that could possibly win the World Series with him. If the Cubs do get Pujols then they will be my choice to win the NL Central but not the World Series. The Cubs would be a good team for Pujols to go to, but they will also need to sign a good starting pitcher. The Cubs might be able to get free agent C.J. Wilson or Roy Oswalt. The Cubs have made the playoffs when they had good starting pitching (Greg Maddux, Kerry Wood) and a good home run hitter (Derrick Lee). So if the Cubs get Pujols and Wilson or Oswalt they might have a chance of breaking the curse.


St Louis Cardinals:


The Cardinals are still in the running for Pujols. The Cardinals need Pujols if they want to be a contending team in the MLB. I doubt that the Cardinals get Pujols but I think they probably will make a run at him.


Here are some of the teams that are less likely to get Pujols:


Tampa Bay Rays:


The Rays do need someone to replace Carlos Peña at 1st base. Pujols would fit very well in the Rays system, but can they afford him?


Kansas City Royals:


Can the Royals afford him? Thats the only problem I see with Pujols going to Kansas City.


Chicago White Sox:


I don’t think that the Cubs will allow the White Sox to get Pujols. The White Sox would have to release a lot of stars to be able to afford Pujols.


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