CinderellaThe College World Series has had it's share of Cinderella's in the past and this year is no exception. Only this time, there have been two, so far.

The first Cinderella was Stony Brook who made it to their first College World Series and had fans everywhere rooting for them to win it all. Alas, that slipper did not fit completely and Stony Brook was sent home from the ball. Enter Kent State. The Golden Flashes, appropriately named for a Cinderella team indeed, have now begun to try the slipper on for size. So far, it seems to be going on but there's still time on the clock before midnight strikes.

Kent State got beat up on by one of the stepsisters who get everything when Arkansas took them out behind the castle for a good old fashioned stomping. The 8-1 loss last Saturday had many thinking that the Golden Flashes were just that, flashes in the pan. However, in this Cinderella story, the team gets two chances to try on the slipper. Kent State came back yesterday and in the loser out game eliminated number 1 ranked stepsister Florida from the tournament. Look at that, the slipper is going on a little bit farther.

That stepsister Arkansas though is not giving up on taking the slipper back from Kent State as they defeated the now favorite South Carolina on Monday night by a score of 2-1. In a tight game, Arkansas pitching four hit the Gamecocks to try and snatch that slipper right off the Golden Flashes feet.

Now, Cinderella part two, Kent State gets to face South Carolina tomorrow night in another elimination game. Will they be able to put the slipper all the way on before the clock strikes midnight or will the reigning Queen Gamecocks smash the slipper into a million pieces? Tune in tomorrow to find out how the story goes.