manningThe upcoming NFL season has a lot of interesting things going on and has caught my interest before it even gets started. These are just a few of the things I'll be watching for from the start.

NY Jets - What will they do with Tim Tebow? I am still not convinced he will ever be an NFL QB. Not the kind that teams use as starters. Not the kind that leads teams to Super Bowls. Not the kind that throws correctly. He can be a lot of other things though. He can be a wildcat QB. He can be a running QB (until he gets hurt). He can be a fullback or a slot receiver. I think Tebow's true calling lies off the field and perhaps through the field in bringing change to people's lives. I think that's why he is in New York. In the off season he has apparently worked with a throwing guru. It's not going to fix his throwing issues. So what do the Jets do with him? I'll be watching.

Denver Broncos - Is Peyton Manning still Peyton Manning? The Broncos have kept as much as they possibly could of Manning's off season workouts under wraps. There are bits and pieces that have leaked out but for the most part you get the standard answer, Peyton is progressing. That could mean anything. I don't believe he will get a full test until the first game of the regular season. Although the Broncos will be stupid to wait that long, that's what they will do. So, in his first game back from at least four neck surgeries (probably more), he will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football on national television. I'll be watching.

New Orleans Saints - Can they get past the bounty scandal? The Saints had a long drawn out battle with Drew Brees over money and they are still having a long drawn out battle with the NFL over the bounty scandal. They lost their coach for the season. They have suspended and disgruntled players. They have a somewhat tainted reputation, although it seems that paying bounties (allegedly) for hurting other players is not as bad as taping the other team (like the Patriots) and becoming reviled. The Saints seems to have a little cache with which to work in regards to the fan base or at least some of it. But how does all this stress translate to the field? Will they be able to form a cohesive unit and play like they did last year? I'll be watching.

Dallas Cowboys - Will Tony Romo finally be a leader? I have watched the Romo led Cowboys for a number of years and I always come away with the same conclusion. He is not a leader. The team has pieces that move independently and often selfishly and he just let's it go that way. He's not a take charge QB who runs the offense. In all reality,I perceive him to be too soft. He's soft in his leadership and he's soft in his mental game. Will Jerry Jones cut Romo loose if the Cowboys fail to succeed? I'll be watching.

New England Patriots - Will Wes Welker be a team player? The Patriots run their organization one way. Wes Welker thought they would run it another and he learned the same lesson that players like Deion Branch, Chad Ochocinco and Assante Samuel learned. There is only one way. Welker will play out this season with no long term contract and next year, unless something unprecedented happens, he will no longer be a Patriot. The Patriots have plenty of offensive weapons but do they have a replacement for Welker that can deliver everything he did? Will Welker play full out this season or will he hold back to avoid getting hurt? I'll be watching.

A few other things I'll be watching include Michael Vick and the Eagles, Chad Ochocinco (or whatever his name is) and the Dolphins, the Detroit Lions, Cam Newton, Robert Griffith III and Andrew Luck. Training camps are underway and the first preseason game is less than 2 weeks away. What will you be watching?