When it comes to college football, I am an SEC fan.  I believe that the SEC is, far and away, the best conference in college football.  However, I absolutely abhor this "title" fight between two SEC teams.

The BCS has lost all credibility in putting two teams who are not only in the same conference but in the same division against one another for the national championship.  The beauty of college football is that every game matters.  The entire season is more or less a playoff.  It is supposed to be one loss and you are out.  Alabama had that one loss.  They lost to LSU.  They didn’t win their division, and they didn’t win their conference championship.  Hell, they weren’t even in their conference championship game.


It’s hard. I do admit that Alabama and LSU are, most likely, the two best teams in the country. Nevertheless, they should not be meeting on this stage for this game.  If there was ever a time for a plus one, or a playoff, it would be now; but, that is not going to happen.

So instead, I would love for the BCS to add one simple modification to its formula.  Simply stated: if you do not win your conference championship game, or your conference if it is one without a championship game, then you cannot play for the BCS title. Problem solved.

Now time to prepare to watch a game with two teams –who as an Auburn fan– I loathe. See you next year BCS. Hopefully you don’t mess it up again, unfortunately you probably will.

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