LSUBCS Championship Game:
Projection: LSU vs Alabama


The Tigers have proven that they can compete with any team in the country. Alabama has one loss this season, against LSU. LSU will play against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game this year.

If they can win that games then they will clinch a trip to New Orleans and play in the BCS Championship game. All Alabama has to do is hope that the Oklahoma State Cowboys lose to the Oklahoma Sooners and don’t jump to #2. Most people don’t want to see a rematch of the Bama-LSU game, but I would love to see it again. Mostly because I’m a SEC fan but also because I believe that the two best teams in the nation should play each other in the Championship game.



Prediction: LSU 17 Alabama 14


VTOrange Bowl:

Projection: Virginia Tech vs West Virginia


The Hokies have proven that they are the best team in the ACC. West Virginia has proven they are the best in the Big East. This will be a better game than everyone thinks. People get blinded by the fact that Virginia Tech in ranked #5 in the BCS. But rankings mean nothing, its all about how good you can play in that one game, Iowa State proved that.


Prediction: Virginia Tech 24 West Virginia 21


ArkansasSugar Bowl:

Projection: Arkansas vs Houston


This is the game a lot of people want to see. An elite SEC team that can play great defense and also have a quick strike offense against the high flying offense of Houston. Really all that the Razorbacks have to do is stop the Houston offense just once and they will probably score every drive. The Razorbacks had a chance to really throw the BCS a curve ball if they could have beat LSU, but this is probably a best chance scenario for the Razorbacks. If your looking for offense this is the game for you.


Prediction: Arkansas 63 Houston 56

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:

OSUProjection: Oklahoma State vs Stanford


Both these teams have lost once this season, Stanford lost to USC and Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State. If both these teams can survive the rest of the season then they should meet here in the Fiesta Bowl. The winner of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game will meet Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. I think that Oklahoma State will get it done and will probably put up a fight in this game.


Prediction: Oklahoma State 35 Stanford 24


Rose Bowl:

WisconsinProjection: Wisconsin vs Oregon


This will be another classic matchup between a Big 10 and Pac-12 teams. The Oregon Ducks are a fast strike offense that scores in a variety of ways. Wisconsin on the other hand stops the ball very good, but they also can run the ball very well. Wisconsin hopes to win the Rose Bowl after losing by 2 points last year to TCU. Oregon has taken a step back from last year when they went to the BCS Championship game but lost to Auburn. The winner of this game would more than likely have to out score not out smart the other team.


Prediction: Wisconsin 45 Oregon 38


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