RondoI can just hear some sports announcer belting it out, "Rajon Rondo you are ridiculous!" Rondo has been nothing short of amazing to start the Celtics season this year. Tallying up 50, that's right people 5-0 assists in 3 games so far and against the Knicks on Friday night - a triple double of ridiculous proportions, 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 24 assists. Ridiculous....and amazing.

Rondo put down the Heat triplets with 17 assists and he just kept on rolling from there. He's all over the court. Moving the ball to the open man with an alley oop throw, behind the back, no looks, truly a thing of beauty. Like poetry in motion, Rondo covers the court getting the ball to the open man with absolute ease. The Celtics had 6 players in double digit points and 24 of those came straight from the hands of Rondo.Rondo

In the game versus the Knicks, Rondo had the same number of assists as the ENTIRE Knicks team. In the game against the Heat, Rondo had 2 more assists than the entire Heat team. Paul Pierce was quoted after the Knicks game as saying that Rondo has everyone involved in what he's doing, the popcorn man, the announcer, everyone. Almost 19 thousand strong at the Celtics home court and almost every one of them invested in what Rondo is doing on the court.

The Celtics have the Pistons, Bucks, and Bulls up next and Rondo shows no sign of slowing down. With 50 assists through 3 games, it makes you wonder what he might have tallied up at the end of 6 games. For now, everyone say it with me, "Rajon Rondo you are ridiculous!"